Disaster Recovery Management

Designing Backup Strategies

Every business should backup its important files.

Civitas can help you identify your specific backup needs and design a backup strategy that suits your business.

Implementing Disaster Recovery Plans

For most businesses these days, any period of forced downtime can have a disastrous impact resulting in a loss of productivity. To prevent this from occurring, or at least limit the damage if it does occur, having a proper Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan in place will ensure your course of action if such a disaster does occur

Business continuity planning (BCP)

There are countless eventualities these days that can impact on your companies’ productivity. Be it disasters such as floods or fire, or even the sudden illness of key members of staff, Civitas can help you prepare for this.

Civitas will help your company identify threats to your operations and possibly even prevent them from happening in the first place. We will then document our recommendations, test the plan by working through many hypothetical situations, and constantly review these procedures.

Disaster recovery (DR)

If a disaster does occur, you need to have a proper plan in place for recovery. Civitas will create a tailor made DR Plan structured around your specific business.

We assess the functionality of key members of staff to ensure your clients are still supported in the event of a disaster. This plan will include essentials such as contact details for emergency providers of all your key services, computer contingencies as well as client and supplier listings.

Civitas can recommend a wide variety of solutions depending on your budget and the complexity of your business. A possible solution may involve workers accessing data from home or another site via a secure and safe broadband and VPN connection.

Testing schedules for BCP and DRP

BCP and DR plans are a work in progress and are never finalised. Civitas will continually monitor the systems you have in place, test them, and recommend improvements.